Ventriloquist Là Gì

someone who entertains people by speaking without moving their lips, lớn make it seem as if the voice is coming from somewhere else :

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She takes her place invisibly as a ventriloquist whose puppets, the dull, everyday performers, sit immersed in a soundworld to lớn which they obviously cannot relate.
A ventriloquist, for example, cannot enter inkhổng lồ a genuine dialogue with a dummy since the dummy cannot really respond back to the ventriloquist.
The notion of illusion is used by him lớn explain how the ventriloquist treats his own stomach as a foreign voice.
The subject"s persona is rendered, by the act of appropriation, into a ventriloquist"s dummy, communicating artists" messages as opposed to lớn the subject"s utterance.
That was what led me to say that they were puppets—although ventriloquists" dummies might have sầu been a more accurate description.
He continued to persize late in life, giving televised music hall performances in 1952, billed as the oldest ventriloquist in the world.
Her final wish was lớn turn her toàn thân into lớn a ventriloquist"s puppet và khổng lồ be buried with her 101 puppets.
The ventriloquist would then interpret the sounds, as they were thought lớn be able lớn speak khổng lồ the dead, as well as foretell the future.
The ventriloquist figures usually had a string coming from the bachồng of the nechồng that would cause their mouths to lớn open và cthua thảm.

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After being badly burned in a household accident, she was given a ventriloquist"s dummy by her artist father as part of her recovery.
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