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Teme & usuratonkachi

21:06, 23/03/2021

After Sasuke và Narulớn fight và get knocked out, they both think theyre dead. And Narulớn is sad because he promised Tsunade he’d become Hokage before he dies


but sasuke doesnt seem to lớn care about his own death. All he cares about is naruto’s reaction, watching và listening khổng lồ narulớn intently


Then Narulớn remembers & freaks out about the Infinite Tsukuyomi


Sasuke finally shows emotion when naruto’s arm begins to hurt, looking concerned


and then he freaks out as narulớn suddenly disappears


anyway the only person left in the world that sasuke truly loved và cared about was narukhổng lồ so if hes with narulớn in death, he’s fine.

(via blurryfratze)

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dont know why ppl accuse us abt spinning everything abt sns as if narukhổng lồ wasnt literally being eaten by a snake once and thinking “i have sầu to lớn get out so i can see 💘💘💘sasuke💘💘💘 again……..💕…..i have khổng lồ prove sầu myself to him…”

yamato: you have a wind affinity! very impressive và quite rare

naruto: wind…..

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so lượt thích the opposite of fire…. & you know who has fire? 💗sasuke🥰…………

yamato: i mean. lượt thích. if u want to lớn take it there like i guess

Naruto: Oh, a shooting star! *closes eyes* Sasuke…💘💘💘

Naruto: *sees one (1) lunch box* …💕sasuke💕 once feed me from a lunch box..💖💖

naruto : *falling down head first from the sky*

naruto : Let me 💓tell you💕💕 about sasuke 💕

naruto lớn : *returns home after his training trip with Jiraiya*

narulớn : * lớn sasuke’s picture * i am💕💕 home,❤ Sasuke💕💕

naruto : *trang chủ alone*

naruto lớn : *deep breath* Sasuke,💓❤bởi vì you 💕ever💕miss💕💕 me?💕

naruto lớn : *taking a bath*

naruto lớn : I wonder what 💕sasuke"s💘 doing right now…💓

Sakura (while healing Naruto’s arm): Honestly, you should be careful from now on, this is a dangerous jutsu, look it busted your arm, I’m worried about you–

Naruto: I’m happy, because vì chưng you know what does that mean? That we’reI’mgetting closer lớn Sasuke~❤❤❤💕💖

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