Calf losses rose temporarily to 50 % of all new-born calves, và diarrhoea và pneumonia were recorded in many cattle.

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The meter was calibrated by temporarily affixing it lớn the flat floor of the tunnel ahead of the wavy wall.
If tax increases could not be avoided, mostly indirect taxes were affected or the increases were only introduced temporarily.
Option values are attached to the three possibilities: lớn stop emissions temporarily, khổng lồ exit entirely and to re-start polluting (for an "entry fee").
When the safe zone collapsed in the next phase of the war, they confronted this dilemma directly by temporarily withdrawing their protection of civilians.
Nevertheless, in certain applications, the initial knowledge base has lớn be temporarily preferred with respect lớn the new cửa nhà of information.
As the evaporite basin was dissected, the deposits were at least temporarily kept above sầu the water cấp độ and dissolution took place, forming small depressions.
We called this behavior "self-reanimating chaos," as dominating chaotic state was temporarily disturbed by a quasiperiodic one and could reanimate itself.
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lớn give sầu someone so much help or information that that person does not need lớn try himself or herself

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