Dictionary, smexy meaning

What does smexy mean?

Smexy is a blend of smart & sexy, referring khổng lồ someone who has both brains and beauty.

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It can also just be a fun way of calling someone sexy.

One early use of smexy comes in a 1997 fanfiction story, which mentions “smexy time” between two characters. Smexy, here, appears khổng lồ be just a playful & more intensive version of sexy.

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The term spreads in online người forums, including for discussions of characters in video clip games and anime.


Smexy, as a specific blend of smart and sexy, is entered on Urban gmailwireless.com in 2004 and appears on Twitter by 2008.

Smexy Books, for one instance of the term, launched in 2010 lớn provide nhận xét of romance novels—which are presumably both smart and sexy

Good morning fam! How are you smexy peeps?? pic.twitter.com/20fcq4RM7u

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