Sharing is caring nghĩa là gì



sharing is caring is a common phrase but had a big meaning that when we cốt truyện something with someone else it is equal khổng lồ caring hyên. we show care và our interest in hyên by sharing, sharing is not only limited lớn tangible things, we can chia sẻ an intangible thing as well like a spiritual thought, any kind of idea, our learning's or may be our experiences.

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I at Amal academy assigned to share my learning experience with someone who is not belongs to Amal, which is i think a great idea.

One of my cousin, my best frikết thúc Wardha Nadeem, who is doing her DPT & she is almost at the kết thúc of her degree but still don’t know weather she is on right path or not. I decided lớn mô tả my learning with her. yesterday we met at a cousin,s wedding & told her about my activity and about the things i want lớn share with her. It was a worthy plus joyful experience we both enjoyed it a lot.

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I giới thiệu these important “tips khổng lồ manage and maximize career” with her,

Find your passion & align it with your careerDecisions are very unique khổng lồ each person, what’s right for one isn’t right for the otherOwn your decisions: Don’t let other people make decisions for you & don’t blame anyone elsePut your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is provenDon’t talk badly about the company or about your bossTake control of your relationship with your trùm và team members

She says yes most of the times our parents took decisions for us và they decides what we have lớn vì or what not about our studied & then our career. I suggest her to make them understvà by explaining your point in a proper way. I suggested her to lớn vày an internship to know weather she can vì a job as a physiotherapist or she needs lớn open her own clinic or may be after internship she realizes she needs lớn study more in her field. I suggested her lớn find her passion và make a proper decision. I also suggested her lớn join Amal to lớn be more clear about her career path.

she admires all the tips i nội dung & at the kết thúc she actually decided lớn vày an internship & she really wants to join Amal after listening about my experience. and so she decides khổng lồ do an internship so that’s why we talk about other tips to và discuses how she can apply these during her internship.

It was really a wonderful experience & i really enjoyed sharing of learning và she is also happy for all the discussion.

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