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Physical education là gì

09:44, 01/04/2021

Career information is not specific to lớn degree màn chơi. Some career options may require an advanced degree.

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Career Options

Health Specialties Teacher, Postsecondary Recreation and Fitness Studies Teacher, Postsecondary Athlete & Sports Competitor Coach or Scout Athletic Trainer Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor

*Job data is collected from national, state & private sources.For more information, visit EMSI"s data sources page.

Degree Prep

A physical educationdegree provides graduates with the opportunity to help a sedentary generation plagued with decreasing wellness (e.g., obesity, low levels of fitness). A background in one or more of the disciplines of health, physical education, recreation và dance is helpful in preparing you to lớn enter these degree programs.If you want lớn be on the forefront of a field that increasingly needs trained professionals, you should consider a graduate degree in P.E. pedagogy.

Degree Roadmap

An M.Ed. degree in physical education & physical activity pedagogy has two options:

Option 1 provides certified teachers an opportunity to continue their education in the study of physical activity pedagogy. Option 2 provides applicants with an undergraduate degree an opportunity lớn get a graduate degree plus teacher certification in physical education.

Download a PDF of the Physical Education và Physical Activity Pedagogy coursework.

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Professional Licensing

Completion of the program will make you eligible khổng lồ sit for the Standard Instructional Certificatewith Physical Education endorsement.


Visit theFinancial Aid officefor more available scholarships.

Movement Sciences (MVSC) Scholarships

Hands-On Learning

With retìm kiếm opportunities imbedded within the community public schools, graduate students in physical education pedagogy haveextensive sầu opportunities to lớn conduct intensive retìm kiếm andlớn learn hands-on & teach within the University of Idaho community. Students involved in character education are involved in creating curriculum for sports teams or in gathering data from our new servant leadership online certificate course for coaches.

Advanced Physical Education

The program offers opportunities to lớn become involved in nationally-recognized research and khổng lồ work hand-in-hvà with local schools and communities khổng lồ promote movement, physical activity, fitness & wellness.

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Fast Facts

Program can be completed in one year or multiple years. Option available to take all courses online. Students can enter fall, spring or summer semester. Students are involved in problem-based research addressing physical activity pedagogy in their setting.

Department of Movement Sciences

Mailing Address: College of Education, Health & Human SciencesUniversity of Idaho875 Perimeter Drive sầu MS 2401Moscow, Idaho 83844-2401

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