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A paper towel was used lớn mash the faecal pellets on the squares to prsự kiện their displacement by beetles during the trial.
Each sample was put in a self-sealing plastic bag, which slightly inflated & contained a piece of paper towel khổng lồ reduce condensation.
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Each sample was put in a self-sealing plastic bag, slightly inflated và containing one piece of paper towel.
Each cage was inserted inlớn the top of another similar container with textured absorbent paper towel covering the base.
The seeds were then covered by another piece of paper towel, & pre-moistened with 10 ml of distilled water.
Dishes were stacked in clear plastic bags, with a water-saturated paper towel placed at the bottom of each bag to reduce evaporative loss.
In early tests, controls for honey consisted of crumpled paper towel containing syrupy, saturated sucrose solution.
Each sample was placed inside a self-sealing plastic bag, slightly inflated, containing a piece of paper towel to absorb excessive moisture.

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Twenty-five sầu seeds were placed in a line on a double thickness of paper towel (400 x 185 mm) pre-moistened with 30 ml of distilled water.
Several days after the death of the female, the parasitized eggs on the paper towel were counted and the mean number of parasitized eggs was calculated.
When the coating was firm enough, the seeds were placed between layers of paper towel và left overnight so that excess water dried from the alginate.




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