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The ensemble consisted of eight actors presenting eight "cases" every night, linked by short non-verbal interludes (a remnant of the original script).
The sections in bold - the introduction, bridge, interludes and coda - remained virtually unchanged from the 1937 original.
The insertion inkhổng lồ the performance of narratively irrelevant elements such as solo & co-operative sầu routines or lazzi, or even mimetic interludes, was also commonplace.
Although the demand for visual spectacle was satisfied by these interludes, the word "divertissement" or "diversion" does an injustice to scenes so central lớn the progress of the plot.
In the performance these characters are separated by musical interludes sung by the lead female singer and the women"s chorus, accompanied by a group of drummers.
The chief reason for this is the undisguised use of the international interludes for bravura displays of technical knowledge, whether of international law, of conspiracy theories, or diplomatic protocol.
The accompaniment underpins the vocal element lượt thích the ground bass of a passacaglia, breaking through lớn the surface in a series of interludes punctuating the whole work.
First, a tendency to see current events or crises as relatively unimportant interludes on a vast canvas of time & space.
Secondly, bear-baiting, bull-baiting, interludes, comtháng plays or other unlawful exercises or pastimes within their own parishes are forbidden.
From here the dramatists" real troubles began, and they continue to this day; but not, of course, without their own interludes.

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The narrative sầu interweaves elements of appalling cruelty & horror with extended comedic interludes, & employs frequent period expressions.
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khổng lồ clean all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you vì not often clean

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