Installshield Installation Information Là Gì Và Nó Có Thể Bị Xóa Không?

Hate to be a problem, but I just today did a full scan on my máy vi tính và it found a trojan dropper under the file C:Program Files (x86)InstallShield Installation InformationC65B26BC-5A6F-4135-9678-55A877655471.

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The scan hasn"t full finished yet & I am going to quarantine the files và skết thúc the scan files here.

Can I get advice & assistance with this? I am trying to figure out how exactly I got this trojan dropper given how careful I have been trying khổng lồ be with this machine.



PLEASE have sầu lots & lots of patience when this starts. You will see a green progress bar start. Lots of patience. This run here should be fairly quiông chồng.If you receive a message that a reboot is required, please make sure you allow it khổng lồ restart normally.The tool will complete its run after restart.When finished, the tool will make a log ( Fixlog.txt) in the same location from where it was run.

Please attach the FIXLOG.txt with your next reply later, at your next opportunity


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Also do this as well.

Let’s start by doing a new thorough scan with for Windows. The goal is lớn see whether there is an infection or P U P.

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Let"s vày one new run with for Windows.

Start Settings. Click Protection tab và scroll down to Scan options.On the section "Potential Threat Protection"look down at the one "Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)" look & make sure it is mix to"Always detect PUPS ".andlook down at the one "Potential Unwanted Modifications (PUM)" look & make sure it is phối to"Always detect PUM ".andscroll all the way down lớn the section Automatic QuarantineOn the line "Automatically quarantine detected malware" be sure it is ONThen once all mix there, clichồng on SCAN buttonThen insure Threat scan has a kiểm tra mark. Then click Start scan.Review the results danh sách.Then I would suggest you make sure all lines have sầu a check markTo that end, if you cliông xã the very top left checkbox you can force all detected lines ( if any are detected) lớn be selected for removal. Be sure each line is checked.




Then you can proceed khổng lồ cliông chồng on the xanh button Quarantine selected.

Inồng the Reports button ( on the left )Look for the "Scan Report" that has the most recent Date & time.When located, cliông xã the kiểm tra box for it và cliông chồng on View Report.Then click the Export button at the bottom left.Then select Text File (*.txt)Put in a name for that file & remember where the file is created.Then attach that file with your next reply 

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