The best general card game in 20đôi mươi, Thien Thien Tam Quoc officially lives at Google Play and the App Store, the game has a variety of gameplay with rich combat system, unique graphics, skills that promise to lớn bring. many interesting experiences. Don’t forget to receive sầu a giant Thien Thien Tam Quoc Code every day.

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Early this morning, NPH Sohatrò chơi launched the game Thien Thien Tam Quoc in the Vietnamese market, and on the fanpage facebook diễn đàn was playing a lot. Code Thien Thien Tam Quoc Terrible, will definitely assist significantly in increasing the player’s combat power when participating in Ranking.

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Thien Thien Tam Quoc – Strategy game context Three Kingdoms on Android và iOS

Code Thien Thien Tam Quoc is free


How to receive Code Thien Thien Tam Quoc

Event 1: Like Fanpage– Reward: Code gaem Thien Thien Tam Quoc+ Crystal Crystal x 30+ Dong: 1,000,000+ Truong Phi piece x 20+ Treasure chest x 1– Link participating: Event 1

Event 2: Newspaper Danh Group– Reward: Code Thien Thien Tam Quoc+ Stone lift star level 1 x 30+ Green crystal x 30+ Dong x 500,000+ Stone level lift x 10– Link participating: Event 2

Event 3: Announced News– Rewards: GiftCode Thien Thien Tam Quoc+ Dong x 500,000+ Stone lift star màn chơi 1 x 30+ Eraser x 5+ Stone cấp độ lift x 10– Link participating: Event 3


Some places receive other Thien Thien Tam Quoc GiftCode– Link home page Thien Thien Tam Quoc here– Link Fanpage Thien Thien Tam Quoc here– Link Group Thien Thien Tam Quoc here

How lớn enter GiftCode Thien Thien Tam Quoc code

Step 1: Access liên kết using Code Thien Thien Tam Quoc here => login to your game trương mục.

Step 2: Select the character you want khổng lồ import GiftCode => select GiftCode => enter Code Thien Thien Tam Quoc => cliông chồng Use.

* Download Thien Thien Tam Quoc the lakiểm tra version

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