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06:15, 24/03/2021
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The MMOViper team released their newest bot to Blade and Soul, currently it has the following featuresCurrent features:
Patrolling - Defined area where you want to lớn huntZone in/out of instancesPiông chồng up lootRez when you dieHotkey rotationsHarvest and gatheringSuggested features to add:Pet skills/abilities for summonersDodgingBelow is a small đoạn Clip of the bot in actionMy first go with MMOVipers Blade and Soul bot. I started off by downloading a fighting routine for my class from the forums & a path. Since this was my first time running the bot. It is also important lớn note that the bot is still early development và features are added daily (7th of February 2016) Put the grindfiles, as in where you want the bot khổng lồ run in root thư mục of Resources/PatrolAreasPut the combat files etc in the profile root thư mục Resources/profilesFor grinding, it is important to lớn stress out that you need lớn be within 3 levels of the mob you are grinding to get XPhường.Getting started:So first thing you vì chưng is start the game và then afterwards, MMOViper.xuất hiện the protệp tin you wish lớn use or create one on your own.Go khổng lồ the area where your path is made for, or create your own (covered later)

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HI5 Bot Đánh Giá Series
MMOViper Blade & Soul BotHere we go with another short Review of what seems to be the first Blade and Soul bot - is it hard khổng lồ setup? is it worth the price? lets find out!How complicated this bot really is?
It"s the second time I"m using viperbots so I"m not gonna lie, I did had some handicap after using their ESO bot nearly two years ago. I did managed to lớn forget pretty much everything about it since I"ve been using it for only a couple of days bachồng then, but it did took me much less to set the combat properly this time, and lớn be precise - about 20 minutes lớn figure out where everything goes. As a first time user I"d say you"ll spover on your first combat cài đặt (including tweaking it khổng lồ your liking) at least a couple of hours
. Good news is that this is pretty much the only complicated part, because making path profiles couldn"t be simpler - you clichồng tự động add, you run, you stop tự động hóa add - viola! All done. So as a new user you will most likely have sầu everything phối và running within 2h, và once you get a hold of how combat works - you will also know how to phối it for any other of their bots since it"s pretty much the same (which is a good thing considering the $5 / month sub covers all of the bots, not just BNS).
The only right thing khổng lồ say here is that it works as good or as bad as you make it to lớn work, meaning that with all the customization (especially for combat) that you have sầu you can make it fight on a very good màn chơi as long as you take the time to lớn tweak everything right. đôi mươi minutes combat cài đặt for me was more than enough to grind mobs at 6-7 lvl while being lvl 6 without any issues (well aside of me forgetting lớn get the char some potions ). The only thing I found missing was that it doesn"t seem to lớn support dodging, which in this particular game can save sầu you from taking good portion of damage, but then again - not many bots vày that.It"s also worth khổng lồ mention that both paths and combat profiles can be exported, meaning there"s already plenty of user-made combat profiles available for download on their forums even despite the fact the bot is barely few days old (a very good news for people as lazy as me ^ ^)
Short - yesLonger - It got a very well working background mode, I was able lớn use my PC freely while botting, the only problem I found was a yellow text informing me about bot status that was at the top at all times, but it didin"t bothered me enough to lớn find out if I can disable it.

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I did not needed khổng lồ use customer support for this particular bot, however after doing some retìm kiếm / digging through their diễn đàn it seemed lớn be on a very good màn chơi - bot author was replying lớn a lot of the threads, asking users lớn submit requests và ideas for improvement while keeping it very cheerful & polite - I got lớn say I was actually pretty impressed (might be partially because I"ve sầu had a really bad experience with customer tư vấn for previous bot I was reviewing )
-Extremely easy and fast in use path recorder, making your own path takes less than downloading any pre-made ones-A lot of advanced options for tweaking combat khổng lồ your liking-Nice customer support-Background modeCons:
Bot definitely does it"s job so considering you get 10+ bots for many different games for $5 / months I"d say definitely worth it. I"m not a tín đồ of sub-based purchases, but at this price it"s still a very nice giảm giá khuyến mãi, even if you"re going to bot only one of the games.
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Arg I cant edit the post anymore to add features.. so you all are going t have sầu khổng lồ dig through the pages khổng lồ find whats new. Sorry. I"m talking khổng lồ the admin to try & fix.But today I added harvesting và gathering.
A few more features too.FROM KuRIoS: It seems Viper is not interested in updating you guys here, so I have taken lademo notes from forumFebruary 10, năm 2016 MMOViperBot Version Bot:- Tweak: Waiting longer for weapon repair when durability is - Bugfix: Sometimes when entering a dungeon it will say waypoint is too far away- Bugfix: Fixed broken offsetsBSN Bot: - Bugfix: Fixed looting bug where bot would get stuck trying lớn loot if inventory was full- Bugfix: Tweaked looting, should now loot all world/trùm chests- Tweak: Reduced distance for interaction (some objects would not press F otherwise)- Added: Weapon Repair when durability is 2 or less. Set campfire in patrol/misc, AND connect it with green nav mesh via patrol/navigation.Did you know? You can now repair your weapon before it breaks in the Blade & Soul Bot. Here is how you bởi it.First, load up your patrol via the patrol tab. Click on the MISC tab. Now, run to a campfire nearwhere you are in game. Once you are on top of it, in the MISC tab, clichồng SET khổng lồ phối the campfire spot. Then SAVE your patrol. Next, go into lớn the patrol/navigation tab. Cliông xã on tự động, to auto recordgreen nav lines from the campfire bachồng to your grind area in your patrol. Make sure lớn connect upall the dots. Stop the tự động hóa, và save again. Your bot will now repair your weapon when its durabilityis 2 or less. (Make sure you have sầu some repair tools in your inventory!)

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