Cách Fake Ip Mỹ Để Lấy Quà Miễn Phí Pubg Mobile Lite, How To Fake Ip To Israel

With instructions kém chất lượng ip lớn Russia to lớn receive không tính phí bonus PUBG Mobile, users will receive rewards such as currency or skin chất lượng và valuable

Recently, the PUBG điện thoại Vietphái mạnh gaming community is transmitting a way to circumvent the law khổng lồ receive sầu không tính phí gifts in PUBG di động. Specifically, the player will use fake IP applications on the phone being used lớn the area where the event is received.

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And when nhái ip comes to lớn the address of the country that is holding such a gift sự kiện, players will receive sầu a lot of valuable & không tính tiền gifts in the game PUBG điện thoại. It will be in PUBG Mobile"s mailbox or event directory

Many gamers using this triông chồng have giả ip Taiwan lớn receive gifts from PUBG điện thoại & now they turn khổng lồ the second country, Russia. Here are instructions to kém chất lượng IPhường. Russia lớn receive không tính tiền gifts from PUBG Smartphone.

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Video tutorial fake ip Russia to receive sầu gifts in PUBG Mobile

Instructions lớn giả ip Russia to receive gifts in PUBG Mobile

First to lớn giả IP to Russia khổng lồ receive gifts, please use Pandomain authority VPN Pro application. Next login your trương mục by clicking Sign UP > Next will have a row of Digital Top Account number. At the bottom, please write your password & email và click Next , then when you are logged in to the application, click on the IP display vật phẩm.


Then the hệ thống list will display, you scroll down và select Russia hệ thống to kém chất lượng ip Russia. There will be three options for Russian IP.. giả, then clichồng Allow to lớn accept Pandomain authority VPN khổng lồ enable VPN on your computer.

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Next to the main screen if you see Connected it is already successful. Now open PUBG thiết bị di động. cảnh báo that don"t open PUBG di động before using Pandomain authority VPN.


Then start PUBG Smartphone. Different from kém chất lượng ip Taiwan, players will go lớn Events khổng lồ receive sầu prizes.


In the daily sự kiện table, cliông chồng on Log in 7 days lớn receive sầu the reward. In 7 days you will receive sầu the rewards that the sự kiện has for gamers. chú ý that if you later turn off Fake Russian IPhường., the 7-day Login section will not appear .


So with fake ip khổng lồ Russia lớn receive không tính tiền gift PUBG di động. With these gifts, though not much help for gamers. But the nhái ip Russian khổng lồ receive không lấy phí bonuses in PUBG điện thoại is always attractive sầu lớn new players who play or don"t charge a lot of money in PUBG Smartphone.

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