Dragon Nest điện thoại – VNG v1.3.1 (Mod Apk) or DNM is available in Vietnam. The world-class PK non-target game is extremely popular aước ao gamers all over the world because:· Unique boss khủng System· PK transformation is full of changeMany exciting activities for the player khổng lồ experience· Characters are designed in a unique 3D style· Beautiful graphics, bright colors· Extreme Skill Effect when fighting

Dragon Nest điện thoại – VNG has a rich character class system, each character class has its own way to develop careers, skills are extremely diverse:– Swordsman– Archers– Assassin– Pastor– Master magician– mechanical loli

The Dragon Nest mobile -VNG (DNM) gamesản phẩm điện thoại version retains the essence of the PC as well as adding more points for di động gamers:– Maintain dungeon exploration with the non-target gameplay & original storyline– Battlefield System & Role Playing 3 chiều chibi creation is not changed– The world of war state enterprise with the function of auction, exchange equipment & experience sharing– PVPhường & PVE featured, 4 và 4 coalition resistance; trùm thành phố in rồng thành phố get cấp độ S

★ DIFFERENT COMBO, HUMAN SKILLS ★Dragon Nest thiết bị di động – VNG is optimized for thiết bị di động lớn bring the best new online gaming experience lớn your in-game community.

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PVE rich:– Chao Chieng và Dragon Cave sầu in darkness daskness– 3v3 aerial arena– Leaving the 6v6 guild

★ THE FAIREST FOOTBALL, BEST PRACTICE ★Not only the equipment index and NPC stats are by default, điện thoại games that play DragonNest sản phẩm điện thoại aim lớn create fair arena revolutions based on player skills.– Fighting PVP Rank 1v1 received the title and fashion– Lien Quan 4v4 condemo win, get Xu Rong– 4v4 Combat Heroes, crush the enemy’s Crystal“In addition khổng lồ power conditions from players also require each team must have a tactical action to win the game in the battle. forThe players showcase the high-end PK, aiming to build on the popularity of the popular MOBA franchise. ”

★ TODAY WRITING DNM, ERROR ★– chơi Game PVE of Mobile games have sầu played an important role & inherited the highlights from the PC version of the Vice verses và the Dragon Boss– High level of Boss difficulty, requires the combat coordination of all team members– Mechanic quái thú with each blood bar familiar to lớn Doanh Nghiệp PC

★ VIETNAMESE FASHION FASHION ★– Chibi 3D graphics with stylish star fashion, modern colors– A variety of animals with xinh tươi appearance, lovely dragon era era kingWith the commitment of the NPH, VNG Game is allowed to invest in the exclusive home page khổng lồ reproduce the national identity of Vietphái nam.

DragonNest mobile – VNG – The # 1 action-packed RPG MMORPG from South Korea with an extremely decisive PK playing field will bring a new interactive experience lớn your favorite eSports và ARPG game.

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