Điểu Sư Vùng Nhiệt Đới Bns

Vice Admiral Poharan extends an invitation to lớn explore this tower haunted by memories past.

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All enemies in this dungeon khuyến mãi negligible damage. They also passively receive một nửa less damage from all attacks; if you are not very highly geared, bởi vì not DPS the enemies.

Infernal Lord:


HP: 18,800,000

This boss has the exact same attacks as its Tomb of the Exiles counterpart.

There are Frostpewer racks for all players khổng lồ piông chồng up. The guns have two skills:

LMB: Fires a conal frost spray that deals 10,880 x 5 fixed damage & stacks 1 Cold on each hit. This damage does not scale with the user’s stats, but bypasses the boss’s damage reduction. 100 stacks of Cold becomes “Flash Freeze” for 15 seconds, where a message warns “The Infernal Lord enters a flash freeze state. Snipe hyên khổng lồ deal huge damage” and the trùm will cancel its current action and stops doing anything. Has a cast time of 1 second.1: Fires a single shot that deals 300,000 fixed damage. Has a cast time of 1.5 seconds. Requires Flash Freeze.

Periodically a message warns “The Infernal Lord creates Fire Flowers lớn heal himself” & numerous fire flowers will spawn all over the field. Stepping on them will remove them. If not removed quiông xã enough, the boss will absorb and heal from them.

Blood Mane | Winter Mane:


HP: 28,800,000

There are Machine Gun racks for all players to piông chồng up. The guns have two skills:

LMB: Fires a conal spray of bullets that đơn hàng 7,353 x 10 fixed damage & stacks 1 “Injured” dealing damage over time for 10 seconds and stacks up lớn 99 times. These stacks trang điểm a majority of damage dealternative text to the trùm. Has a cast time of 0.5 seconds.1: Fires a grenade launcher that deals 22,026 fixed damage và aerials. Has a 15 second cooldown, a cast time of 0.5 seconds, & a travel time based on distance.

This boss is one of two bosses chosen at random. Both have the exact same attachồng pattern:

Linear flamethrower/frostspewer. Getting hit by this will cause you khổng lồ drop your Machine Gun.Linear flamethrower/frostspewer.Field-wide ground quake. Will not cause you to drop your Machine Gun; bởi not use the grenade launcher on this attaông chồng.

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A red or xanh laser chosen at random sweeps across the room. The laser can be jumped over, but it will not cause you to drop your Machine Gun.If the same colored laser touches the boss, it will be cleansed of Injured & vị a field-wide shout that forces everyone lớn drop their Machine Gun. Use the grenade launcher here khổng lồ prevent the same colored laser from hitting the trùm.If the opposite colored laser touches the boss, it will be giảm giá 15% of its max HPhường.

Both bosses are stationary, and will not react differently if the tank stands out of range.

Profane Jiangshi:


HP: 228,800,000

Vice Admiral Poharan appears for this trùm và will help keep it distracted, though she will frequently jump around and point it in a direction. The boss uses linear AoE attacks; getting hit by this will cause you to lớn drop your gun.

There are Flamethrower and Frostspewer racks. They only have sầu one skill: LMB fires a conal flame/frost spray that đơn hàng 6,840 x 5 fixed damage.

Periodically the boss will vày a shout animation. A message warns “The Profane Jiangshi binds Poharan”, and the trùm will gain a colored barrier and Poharan will be immobilized by a colored trap that has 410,000 HPhường, both the barrier and color are always opposite colors of each other. Shooting the barrier/trap enough times with the opposite colored gun will remove them. If the barrier is removed before the trap, Poharan will fire a volley of grenades that khuyến mãi một nửa of the boss’s max HP.., however nothing will happen if the trap is removed before the barrier.

Shortly after, the boss will vì chưng a shout animation và a message warns “The Profane Jiangshi summons Stalker Jiangshi” and 3 red and 3 blue colored Stalker Blood Jiangshi with 164,000 HPhường each spawn around the Profane Jiangshi, attempting lớn heal it. They will die after being shot enough times with the opposite colored gun.

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