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Chơi board game online

15:09, 27/03/2021

Boards, counters, tokens, dice, và cards are great, but these top-notch games for Android and iOS have sầu all the fun, with none of the clutter.

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We might not understand the board games pulled from Egyptian tombs or Viking ships, but they vị prove that such games have sầu been beloved of humanity for millennia. While đoạn phim games once relegated board games lớn the closet, board games have since gone digital, with Mobile app versions of new classics và some games that even blur the line between the physical and the digital.

What Is a điện thoại Board Game?

One of the advantages of being the writer of this article is that I get to choose what goes in it. That"s why I am about khổng lồ go on a tangent about the definition of board games, và Mobile board games in particular. You, dear reader, can of course exercise your own prerogative sầu and skip ahead to where I tell you which ones are good.

What qualifies as a board game matters, because computers allow us not only to lớn recreate existing board games, but also to create entirely new ones. Games lượt thích Hearthstone and Armello were digital games first, but are still definitely board games. After several days of meditation, the three simple, defining features of a board game appeared khổng lồ me in a dream.

First, a board game must use traditional gaming elements, such as dice, boards, and cards. Second, a board game must have some kind of scenario or theme, lớn separate it from games like poker or baseball. Finally, khổng lồ draw a distinction from tabletop roleplaying games, such as Warhammer or Dungeons và Dragons, board games must have a distinct ending condition.

The Benefits of Adaptation

While I absolutely admire a simple and elegantly constructed game like Vye, I take sadistic glee in board games that are packed with widgets. The more miniatures, charts, tracks, và mats there are, the better. It"s one of the wonderfully silly things that make board games chất lượng. But keeping traông chồng of all those pieces, and putting them away, is a real pain in the ass. Worse, the most miniature-packed games tend to lớn be the most expensive.

Digital board games solve both of those problems with ease. For instance: the physical version of Lords of Waterdeep retails for $50.00 on Amazon, has more pieces than you can shake a stiông chồng at, & somehow never quite fits baông chồng in the box. The Android phầm mềm costs only $9.99, requires no cleanup after play, & will always fit snugly on your phone.

Putting games into a computer has the advantage of automating rules & number crunching. That"s great for games like Carcassonne, where complicated scoring mechanics for farms can make the game intimidating. Some digital board games will even politely remind you of abilities or mechanisms you might have sầu forgotten. I always forget to draw a thẻ after settling a planet in Race for the Galaxy. My tiện ích never lets me forget.

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That said, Smartphone board game apps are far from perfect. The social aspect is frequently lost in the translation, as most digital board games rely heavily on asymmetric turn-based play. That"s when someone takes a turn, & then the opponent(s) take their turn minutes, hours, or days later. When your opponent is on the other side of a screen, you may as well be playing alone.

Android or iOS?

A few years ago, I would have said that the Máy tính bảng iPad was unquestionably the best device for digital board games. The iPhone, a cđại bại second. That"s not so true anymore. Google Play now has near parity with the Apple App store, và has a svào slate of high-end phones that are a joy khổng lồ use. Where Android still comes up short is with tablets, but you might be able khổng lồ dig up a Pixel C, or give sầu the new ChromeOS powered Pixel Slate a try.

One small note is that some blockbuster apps still debut exclusively on the iPhone và iPad. It took months for Monument Valley 2 to lớn make its appearance on Google Play. And in a few isolated cases, such as Carcassonne, the iPhone versions are radically different than the Android versions.

That said, I doubt anyone is buying thiết bị di động devices specifically to lớn play board games. Rest assured that, no matter your device, you"ll be able to lớn get excellent games.

The Future of Board Games?

In the past few years, physical board games have tentatively embraced digital components. The World of Yo-Ho, for example, is a pirate-themed sailing game where players move their smartphones around a board khổng lồ interact with each other. Other games, like Mansions of Madness & 7 Wonders, have sầu smartphone apps that do some of the heavy lifting & number crunching for you.

We may be on the edge of some remarkable new experiences. The lademo handheld devices from Apple & Google both excel in with augmented reality, or AR. Augmented reality apps use your phone"s camera khổng lồ overlay digital elements onto lớn the real world. We got a taste of this real-life interaction with games like Poketháng Go, but it"s easy lớn imagine interactive sầu games suspended before our eyes or overlaying traditional, physical elements.

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Whether you started playing decades ago or just in the past few weeks, digital board games are adding an entirely new dimension to the hobby. They can teach, they can keep score, they can keep you connected khổng lồ friends miles away or across the table. Here"s a look at our top picks.

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