verb - transitive

khổng lồ underst&. Used as a question. Pronounced colloquially as "ka-PEESH", and frequently misspelled capish, capeesh, kapish, etc.

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Joey expects his money by Monday. Capish?We have sầu to lớn finish this work by Monday, capish?

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Definitions include: "crystal clear", i.e. easy to lớn underst&.
Definitions include: misspelling of "capisce".
Definitions include: to understvà.
Definitions include: to understand something so completely that one "over"-stands.
Definitions include: to lớn see.
Definitions include: to figure something out, esp. to lớn finally grasp something difficult & elusive of understanding.
Definitions include: khổng lồ support an action.
Definitions include: to lớn become aware of underhanded dealings.
Definitions include: khổng lồ be engaged completely (e.g. mentally, emotionally, etc.) in a situation, not just physically.
Definitions include: lớn understand.
Definitions include: to leave.

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None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: having lesbian sex, as in bouncing titties together.
Definitions include: politically far-right, and exhibiting Nazi-like tendencies such as fascism và trắng nationalism.

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Definitions include: it's the kết thúc / death of something.
Definitions include: a German.
Definitions include: ridiculous, absurd.
Definitions include: To describe disgust in a person.
Definitions include: khổng lồ attempt something.
Definitions include: to lớn become nervous; "freak out".
Definitions include: to perform cunnilingus.
Definitions include: negative sầu information about a person or organization.

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