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00:46, 12/04/2021

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Hi, I wanted lớn buy this game, khổng lồ play with my sister, on one keyboard. But it looks like 2nd player have to lớn use pad .___. can, you somehow play coop on keyboard?

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No, Castle Crashers does not tư vấn two players on a single keyboard. You can play with one keyboard and one controller of your choice, though! So if you"ve sầu got an Xbox or other controller laying around, you and your sister can still play together.
Yes! That should be fine. So 1 player would be on keyboard, one would be on the USB controller.Apologies for the delay, the team"s been at PAX.
Of course, it is possible. It is true one would have sầu lớn play on the joystiông xã, & the second on the keyboard
You can play as 4 on one keyboard, though I suggest getting second keyboard, using KeyToJoy. I don"t think you can
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