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00:14, 12/04/2021

Ayatori is one of the pleasure game that use a string to make a loop, and by repeating the hooking and removing the string on the finger to lớn make the shapes such as daily used stuff such as broom & glasses, living thing such as butterflies. Since this is a hobby which only needs a string and both of the hands and able lớn let the player enjoy imagination richly, so the Japanese will have the memory which at least played once when they are young. It is also known as a special skill of Nobita in "Doraemon" cartoon. This time, we will introduce the history, how khổng lồ play, & the charm of Ayatori!

History of Ayatori


No one knows exactly where và when Ayatori started from. Ayatori is not only in nhật bản but also handed down all around the world including East Asia, nước Australia, etc., và it is said that there are areas where the magician use Ayatori as fortune telling purpose just like in Japan. In addition, it has been inherited in the northern hemisphere as one of the leisure game to lớn kill time during a long winter night.

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In nhật bản, there is a convincing theory saying that Ayatori existed from the Heian era, as “Japan Ayatori Association" was established in 1987. In 1993, the Japan Ayatori Association developed further và "International Ayatori Association" was established in order lớn inherit Ayatori to the next generation, collect the information và vì chưng further research of world Ayatori.

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Basis of Ayatori

In nhật bản, there are two types of Ayatori, Ayatori for one people và Ayatori for two people. However Ayatori for two people is more popular in Japan, where the Japanese usually play with their parents, grandparents, brothers, etc. when they were young. Besides, in nhật bản, the name of the game is different depending on the region, "Itotori" in the Kyoto-Osaka area, & “Ukitotta” in the Okinawa area.

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In general, the recommended string which used by Ayatori is handicraft stuff that is smooth & smooth for h& use. It is because Ayatori is hard khổng lồ be played if the string is stiff. For the string length, the best length is about 4 to lớn 5 times the length from the wrist to the elbow. The recommended length of string for kids is 1 meter 40 centimeters, và 1 meter 80 centimeters for an adult. 


The position khổng lồ start Ayatori, is by hooking string on the thumb & little finger of both hands, pull khổng lồ both side to lớn open it. When pulling the string, use your finger"s baông xã, finger"s belly etc.

Ayatori for the beginner! Let"s try it alone!

Ohoshisama (Star)


1) Hook the string on your thumb và little finger, and once again, place your little finger at the part ★ and pull from little finger to lớn thumb

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