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In the logistics service chain, warehouse service is an important với indispensable factor. Have you ever heard about the concept of bonded warehouses? And what is the procedure for importing goods inkhổng lồ bonded warehouses? If you are wondering about these issues với still have sầu not found the most appropriate answer. Then this article will definitely be very helpful khổng lồ you!

What is a bonded warehouse?

According lớn the definition in logistics services, the main bonded warehouse is the warehouse với yard service which was built cùng established in the territory of Vietphái nam. To be separated from surrounding areas for temporary storage, preservation or implementation of a number of services for domestic và foreign goods brought inlớn warehouses under bonded warehouse lease contracts signed between bonded warehouse owners. with shippers.

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As stipulated in Clause 4, Article 4 of the Customs Law, issued in 2014. Bonded warehouses are areas of warehouses và storing yards for goods which have sầu gone through customs procedures cùng are awaited for export. Goods brought from abroad với sent for export khổng lồ foreign countries or imported into lớn Vietnam.

Where are bonded warehouses allowed to lớn be built?

In addition lớn questions about what is bonded warehouse? Then, learning about where the bonded warehouse is built is also a lot of interest. Under the provisions of the law, bonded warehouses will be allowed khổng lồ build in the following areas:


• Provinces cùng cities directly under the Central Government. Being the focal point for exchanging goods between Vietnam và foreign countries. A place with favorable conditions for the transportation of export và import goods.

• In industrial zones, high-tech zones, export processing zones cùng other special economic zones.

Customs procedures for imported cùng exported goods inkhổng lồ bonded warehouses

For goods brought from abroad or from inl&, from non-tariff areas. When wishing khổng lồ bring them inkhổng lồ bonded warehouses, the goods owners or persons authorized by goods owners shall have khổng lồ carry out procedures for bonded warehouses at the Customs Sub-Departments managing bonded warehouses.

In cases where goods are exported khổng lồ foreign countries or brought into lớn inl& or non-tariff areas. Then the goods owner or the person authorized by the owner of the goods must declare the information of the bonded warehouse goods with the Customs Sub-Department managing the bonded warehouse.


In the case of importing inlớn the Vietnamese market, customs procedures must be carried out as for goods imported from abroad according to the corresponding import forms. The time of actual import of goods is the time when the customs office confirms that the goods are taken out of the bonded warehouse.

Goods when being deposited in bonded warehouses if subject to lớn re-export under decisions of competent state management agencies. At this time, it will not be allowed to lớn import bachồng lớn Vietphái mạnh market.

Goods are exported cùng imported into bonded warehouses

The following items will be allowed khổng lồ import cùng export to bonded warehouses:

• Import goods are waiting for consumption in Vietphái mạnh market. Goods in transit với storage in Vietnam giới to wait for the export to lớn a third country.

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• Goods have sầu completed customs procedures waiting for export. When goods expire temporarily, they must be re-exported. Goods are forced lớn re-export by competent state agencies.


In addition, the following goods will not be allowed khổng lồ be imported into lớn the bonded warehouse including:

• Prohibited goods, counterfeit goods or Vietnamese appellations.

• Goods causing public danger or environmental pollution.

• Goods are banned from export cùng import, except for cases permitted by the Prime Minister.

Hope with the information that LEC Group has provided above sầu. You have got the most complete answer to lớn the question “What is bonded warehouse?”. If you are looking for a bonded warehouse rental service provider. Please tương tác LEC Group immediately from today to get the best tư vấn!


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