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Warlock (pve skill rotation) by azureliz

08:37, 24/03/2021

Today while I was doing Tower of infinity (I"m at floor 55 và I"m 700ap Destroyer with galaxy stage 3 and no legendary pet or Accessories )

It Seems that BnS Developers Ignored Something

Today while I was doing Tower of infinity (I'm at floor 55 và I'm 700ap Destroyer with galaxy stage 3 and no legendary pet or Accessories ) i really did notice something in the ranking và the way the AI giảm giá with my skills.

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So let's get start with ranking, Ranking is like this Warlock/BM/Assassin/Warlock/BM/Assassin/Summoner/repeat same sequence till you reach rank 46 where you find a single Destroyer with 822AP(Full p2w and stage 7 hongmoon) then after that 3 BMS.

I assume by now you did notice that this 3 classes is the top dps in your part if they in same level of power like you, which bring me to something funny that game itself did break by introduce BM with dragontongue.


As we know game did design for every class something khổng lồ escape Stun/Daze cc with 35 second cooldown, Which was based original on the idea that every class got their finishing skills that take you 100-0 every 35 to lớn 45 second For example: Destroyer fury that work every 45 second(which is useless now cause destroyer need xanh buff and I will baông xã lớn that part later), BD lighting skill, KFM 3RF, BM lighting skill (Old build) , etc except for Summoner which was able to lớn 100-0 you anytime if allowed and that why many people was crying about it , I know some will defover summoner và say we can't 100-0 without cat; Well kindomain authority you are right your skills it self able to lớn 100-0 but without cat but you need cat just to pin down your enemy.

And since they did introduce warloông chồng và BM with dragontongue they did break the rule of having escape that work every 35 second again because they did allow a class to 100-0 at any point without even thinking about what they done till now, Like warloông chồng can literary eat you alive sầu from range by their dps only that without using soulburn even while ofcourse as we know BM can just 100-0 at any point of game cause no cooldown on their dragontongue.

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So bachồng to our ranking & what does it prove, Since we all know that game developer gave sầu the classes some good AI khổng lồ classes in TOI that improve by higher floor but that doesn't apply khổng lồ Assassin or BM or Warlock or Summoner , Here is why because it simple they cheat the game AI và it legal cheat since game itself allowed it, We talking about classes that did reach floor 78 và almost reaching floor 80 while that destroyer with maxed out p2w element hardly reached floor 68.

First of all as you can notice that every time you used one of this 35-45 second finishing skills(Talking about Destroyer, BD, KFM, SF, FM) on that AI class they either run away và hide or use Iframe or use ice or use their escape so most of time when you keep your most important high damage skill it will be either counter or evaded or escaped và here come the part where warloông chồng or bm or assassin or summoner cheat, This classes was build with powerful damage skills and other like assassin is build by a nice CC that got short CD;

And here come the fun part since AI was meant khổng lồ anticipate high damage skills or many cc then use their escape or use their Freeze/hide/immune/etc they find themselves confused with endless damage from warlochồng or summoner or endless powerful attacks from BM dragontongue or many cc that been put down by Assassin which force that AI without understanding to lớn use their best escape skills or other run away skills at instance at first giving a huge open for this classes to grind them like mobs.

Which make me wonder is Developer seeing that or they just ignore it or what the hell on their mind ? Like you got classes that grind TOI easily without putting anything và by the way the worst part that only apply on TOI but affect pve and pvp in general.

So I will take Destroyer against this classes in pve sầu và pvp, Since I understvà Destroyer at the most; Destroyer is lượt thích having 3 ways to dps outside of using badge(Which I use lớn boost my wrath using smash for 3 seconds) Destroyer able khổng lồ full dps every 45 second using Fury or dps using Q(Red spin) which isn't doing that much or using powerslame after grab; I did piông xã this 3 ways of dps because that what AI counter most of time và that what myself see the main dps skills for Destroyers;

We talking here about total of 15 second of total high dps for destroyer in 1 min assuming he is in các buổi tiệc nhỏ & using grab that has 30 second cooldown, While on other h& BM , warloông xã, Summoner can't full dps that time without need of anything except focus regain which is regained by weapon anyway.

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And from here you could see the difference between Destroyer and other classes, That why Destroyer damage is at the bottom because that big gap in the middle where destroyer lachồng in focus và laông xã in damage.

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