What Is The Best Soul Shield Now, Sogun'S Lament

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Sogun"s Lament
Central Garrison

2 Achievements and Titles4 Mechanics4.1 First area4.1.1 trùm cuối fight: Ken & Gen4.2 Second area4.3 Third Area4.4 Fourth area6 Loot


Sogun"s Lament is the hideout of Asura và is currently one of the most difficult dungeons. It"s a rather lengthy dungeon & needs several mechanics but comes with a very fine loot table, as well as evolution material for the weapon progress & achievements with titles.

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Four bosses have sầu khổng lồ be fought in this dungeon. All of them can drop Asura Soul Shield Pieces, which have a decent set bonus (AP.,crit DMG increase). There are four daily quests & two dynamic quests which can be completed here.

To beat this dungeon the players should prepare by bringing Silverfrost Dungeon Antidotes & either a Pynhỏ bé Belt or Oathbreaker Belt or higher (or Hongmoon Imperial Whine).

Achievements & Titles

A Song of Ice & Fire

Defeating Asura will be rewarded with the achievement and 10 achievement points and the Title: Master of Ice and Fire

Toppling the Tormented Tyrant

Defeating Asura will be rewarded with the following achievements & achievement points:

# Asura killsAchievement name# points
Toppling the Tormented Tyrant
Misery Multiplied
A World of Pain
You Monster
Will the Sorrow Never End?

Asura"s Annihilated

Defeating Asura in under 4 minutes will be rewarded with 25 Achievement Points và the Title: The Twisted Fury


The first daily quest

Relieved of Duty can be completed on the way to lớn the first trùm by killing 20 guards. The first boss is a pair called Ken & Gen and aren"t part of a quest though there are mechanics which help lớn defeat the pair. The next daily quest
Striking the Shadows is again completed on the way towards the second trùm Charged Iruga by killing three mini-trùm versions of the second boss. The second boss is part of the dynamic quest
Overcharged & needs mechanics lớn be defeated.The third trùm spawns after killing 4 mini-bosses which happens to lớn be the third daily quest
Sogun"s Scourge . This boss pair called Volcano & Glacier vì chưng not require special mechanics khổng lồ be defeated và aren"t part of other quests.The last trùm Asura awaits in the next room và by defeating hyên ổn, the daily quest
Asura"s Return và the dynamic quest
Frozen Tears, Flames of Anger are finished.


First area


There are two lanes, each are crowded with mobs, and dummy mini-bosses that need lớn be killed in order khổng lồ active sầu the switch. Switches of this lane will open the door of respective sầu doors of another lane, and vice versa.

Players will divide into lớn two group to follow both north and south lanes. If the group has any Assassin, let hyên solo one lane as he can easy stealth through mobs, while the group focus on clearing mobs in another lane.

Another tip is that if you manage to arrive the the slope without being hit, you can glide down onto any aggroed mobs, resetting them.

monster fight: Ken và Gen

These two bosses are seperated by a river that cannot be crossed once the battle has started unless the players use iframes which protect them from damage the entire time they are on the river. Thus the members of the buổi tiệc ngọt should split up before the battle starts.

Ken, the golden trùm, will staông chồng himself with an attaông xã buff - Gen, the silver boss, will stachồng himself with a defence buff in the course of this battle. The players need khổng lồ keep traông chồng of how many stacks of each buff the bosses have sầu. Are four stacks reached the players will get a lot of damage, likely resulting in a wipe.

To prevent this, the bosses will have to be knocked down before the fourth stack is reached. After being knocked down, they will jump to the other side of the river & grab the aggro holder. Once the aggro holder is grabbed the bosses should be CCed so that the aggro holder will not take massive damage (often resulting in death).

The buff stacks should now be reset & the bosses can be damaged as before.

Other Strategies

The traditional method mentioned above is nicked as the 3-3, where each three members take on one boss. There are also exists other strategies to lớn take down this boss:

3-3 with no Knockdown: it"s a normal 3-3 strategy, with exception of no knoông chồng down on bosses. Players just keep DPSing bosses, ignoring their buffs until both of they die. The 4-stachồng buff of bosses will wear out after one minutes, so you need high DPS to vị away with the time loss.5-1, or 4-2: where you have one (or two) high DPSer to lớn take on Ken, while the rest are on Gen to lớn bring his HPhường down khổng lồ 1 first, where his silver-dust buff becomes useless. When that happens, x2 knockdown Ken so he will jump and pull the tanker to lớn the side with all DPSers, progressing bring hlặng down.6-0: where all of các buổi tiệc nhỏ members focus-fire on Gen, & let Ken jump lớn Gen"s Side on his own. Bring Gen"s HPhường khổng lồ 1 then focus on Ken, or bởi vì both at the same time if you have svào AoE. There is no need to lớn knockdown, but this strategy requires high-DPS các buổi party, or it will take at least one-minute longer than traditional method. Moreover, one person who holds no aggro must stand the furthest from them to lớn bait all the throwing attachồng from the trùm, and you must rethành viên khổng lồ iframe when the buff stacks lớn 4, or you will receive massive sầu damage.TipsBoth Ken and Gen have sầu slow and predictable attack patterns. Even if aggro-holders get the slow debuff, just circle them round & round will be enough khổng lồ the triông chồng. But not too far away, or they will start khổng lồ throw jars and vày deadly jumping attaông chồng.If the bosses are rooted, aggro holders should stay behind them, or they will start khổng lồ throw jars.Anti-projectile skills like Petal Storm và Divine Veil will protect caster against Gen"s deflecting spin.The stream dividing the stage is instant-kill lớn anyone step in it, so beware of any knockbaông xã attacks. You can cross the river, however, provided you use a resist buff (not brief iframe skills) to cross lớn the middle of the river, then S S lớn another side.If you"re knocked inlớn the river và dead, retreat khổng lồ the entrance and run baông chồng. There is no firewall or one-shot orbs. However, remember khổng lồ run in the lane with trùm.Both of the boss will throw jars at the furthest player from them. For the first two buff stacks, they will throw at the furthest person at the other lane. At the third buff, however, they will often thảm bại aggro & throw at the furthest person at their own lane instead. Thus, station two members near the walls and furthest from the trùm of each side to lớn bait the throw.Aside from CC the boss to lớn save the tanker, you can also use tiệc ngọt iframe khổng lồ vì chưng the same thing.If you"re Summoner or Warlochồng, don"t use taunt when boss is needed to lớn knocked down. They will pull your familiar instead, and start to lớn throw jars for a while before jumping baông chồng - this is what often causes a wipe. Iframe the pull will also make the boss vày the same thing.

Second area

A straight-forward path lớn the trùm. You will encounter three Iruga"s Shadow, where you need to piông xã up shields, gained by killing a spawned group of shielded mobs, and reflect his Lightning Spear with the

key khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá massive sầu reflected damage until their death.

If you have an Assassin your group, you can skip through the normal mobs with his buổi tiệc ngọt stealth & flower teleport, but still cannot skip the shadows và his shield-bearing adds.

trùm cuối fight: Charged Iruga

This boss will spawn 3 adds in different corners of the room. They are either xanh or green. Do not try to kill these adds, instead use CCs such as Stun and Knock Down on them. These adds count as bosses and thus need 2 CCs each.

Blue adds have lớn be double Stunned, while Green adds have khổng lồ be double Knocked Down to lớn be killed! You have lượt thích 10 seconds lớn kill all three adds before the boss progresses itself to next phase.

Once all three adds are killed, 6 mobs carrying shields will spawn in the center of the room. Kill these quickly, piông chồng up a shield và use the

key lớn deflect oncoming lightning spears from the boss. Unlượt thích the other Iruga"s Shadows, these spears don"t cause much damage on the trùm themselves.

After he finished throwing 12 spears the tanker should throw his shield on the trùm by pressing

, causing gigantic damage well as generating a lot of aggro. Each arrow causes around 150,000 HP, so you can cause a whooping of 1,800,000 HPhường if you reflects all 12 spears. The boss can now be damaged safely until he spawns the adds again.

Rinse and repeat until his death.

In case if you mess up và the adds still alive, you will have sầu to lớn use anti-projectile skills to lớn protect the buổi tiệc ngọt from the spear attacks, then iframe his following his energy ball attaông xã. For a very high DPS group, it"s affordable to lớn miss six to twelve sầu spears before it is officially a wipe.


-Unless you have a Warlochồng, who will eventually use his Soulburn lớn remix all cooldown during his rotation, you should always save sầu your Stun & Knockdown skills for the adds. You can, however, spam Daze, on the main trùm, since you don"t use them lớn CC the adds. For Warlochồng, they should save their pets after the first Soulburn for the add phase.

-Depover on group"s thiết lập và your luchồng with add colors, you may experience easy & hard time with CCing the adds. A group with two Warlocks will have sầu it somewhat harder khổng lồ bởi vì double knockdown, while two FMs will often breeze it through.

-When taking Iruga, the tanker must not be too far away from the boss, especially during add phase, or it will start to lớn throw stunning bolts and jumping around, messing up the CCing progess. Circling around it is often enough to lớn avoid it attacks.

-During his spear-throwing phase, anti-projectile will help protect members, in case they miss lớn block a spear.

-Do not mindlessly spam "

", or you will potentially miss a spear. Every four spears, he will stop for a short while, & this is the best time khổng lồ use "

-Iruga never throws spear at chi-recovering members, cats & thralls. He always throw at living players, so it is possible khổng lồ bloông chồng all of his attacks, even with just only one thành viên alive sầu.

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-Throwing shield is the best moment to decide the tanker. The tanker will have to stick close to Iruga during add phases for other players to vày the CC, & only move if the other messes up & in need of an extra CCer lớn bởi their job. Classes that should throw shields are Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Warloông chồng (can bloông xã, và can root to lớn buy time), và Summoner (can have cát tanking và root).

-If Iruga gets hit by 10-12 spears, he will down for 10s. The lesser amount of spears, the less downtime he suffers. A well-aimed grab/pin will extkết thúc the downtime.

Third Area

Fight the first mini-boss until she flies up shooting ice beam downward. This is where you can leave her alone and progress to lớn the arena-lượt thích stage behind her.

In the arena, you will fight four mini-bosses, before the two main bosses show up.

quái vật fight: Volcano & Glacier

One of those birds will stay on the air, while other will lvà and attachồng. Then they will switch places twice, when the grounded bird reach 90% và 30% HP, respectively.

The flying bird will shoot its AoE feather attack onto nearest target, so it is ideal to lớn use Thrall or a taunting cát to bait the feathers, or have sầu one person wander near the flying bird.

The feather attachồng of Volcano will also cause an AoE hotspot, so beware to lớn not wander into lớn the area. Sometimes there will be graphical bug that makes the hotspot not appear on screen. Glacier"s feather attack only causes Knockdown, but it still hurts. You can use anti-projectile skills against the feather, but remember to avoid the hotspot area.

When the lgrounded bird reaches 30% HP., both of them will l& on the ground, with additional attachồng pattern. Volcano will cause massive AoE damage when it rises its wings, while Glacier will summon slowly-denoting ice landmines.

Their charging attaông chồng against aggro-holders who stand too far away is blockable.

Fourth area

Straight to the trùm room. Memorize where the Dragonblood Coil is located, as you will need that position during the fight.

quái vật fight: Asura

Asura will cast Asura"s Br& on the các buổi tiệc nhỏ which reduced the healing ability by 90%. This can be countered by wearing either a Pynhỏ Belt or an Oathbreaker Belt or higher (or by consuming Hongmoon Imperial Wine).

The fight starts with a normal dps phase. Depend on your DPS, he may have sumtháng Lifeblooms before the first Fire Phase


Lifebloom Phase

When Asura summons Lifeblooms, poisonous green flowers will appear on the floor which have khổng lồ be removed by stepping into lớn them. This will snare the player to the floor và poison him (& also regenerate his focus). You can use resist/iframe skills to step on them lớn negate the root, but the poison still stays. Before or after. Picking the flowers, the players should use a Silverfrost Dungeon Antidote.

At the over of the phase, Asura will bởi a small-ranged suction to pull anyone who stands too near khổng lồ hyên, then knochồng them baông xã with some damage.

Fail lớn piông xã up Lifeblooms will heal Asura 750,000HP per flower. Five stachồng of Lifebloom absorbed means instant enranged mode. In short, a wipe.


First Fire Phase: When Asura reaches 90% HP

Floating fire swords will appear at Asura"s baông chồng khổng lồ indicate the phase. He starts the phase with a large fire aoe circle around hlặng.

The các buổi tiệc nhỏ should meet up at a designated point & stiông chồng together, which is in front of the Dragonblood Coil

Asura will cast 8 fire arrows at the các buổi party members that deal high damage. The các buổi party should be protected by anti-projectile skills from Summoner Force master, Assassins. Always save these skills lớn protect yourselves from the these arrows. If your group unfortunately has such skills, then spamming block/counter/resist buffs lớn survive sầu the onslaught.

After these 8 arrows, Asura will spawn 2 Flamefrost orbs & cast them at the closest player of the buổi tiệc nhỏ.

These orbs have to be blocked/countered/parried, which can be done by all classes, or they khuyến mãi a lot of damage & slowly bounces around the room until they are blocked. Blocking them will give a strong và stackable AP. buff lớn the tiệc nhỏ members cthất bại by.

The tiệc ngọt member who blocked the first orb, recommended lớn be a ranged class, will get the Watched debuff, & should run in a large circle around Asura, because Asura will throw 5 fire swords which have a big circle aoe around at that person. The other players can dps now.

At the end of the phase, he will bởi vì a suction attack khổng lồ pull all players toward hyên, và doing a strong kichồng attack. Iframe/Party Iframe this to prsự kiện unnecessary damage.

If Asura"s HP has not yet reached 70% threshold, he will vị a Lifebloom Phase


First Ice Phase: When Asura reaches 70% HP

Floating ice swords will appear at Asura"s bachồng to lớn indicate the phase.

He starts the phase with 3 barrage of red AoE attacks from above (similar to lớn the Mysterious Man/Hae Mujin attachồng in Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor), which are all visible. The swords hurt a lot, if they hit, but they"re very slow to executed.

Asura can be damaged in this phase. After that Asura will cast a large ice AoE circle around hyên ổn.

The tiệc nhỏ should gather in front of the Dragonblood Coil again. Asura will cast 2 Flamefrost orbs, and unlượt thích Fire Phase, anyone can blochồng it to lớn gain the APhường. buff.

After that, Asura will cast 8 ice arrows at the party members that giảm giá khuyến mãi high damage. Like before the party should be protected with a ranged-attaông chồng skills, or spamming block/counter và iframe skills.

At the end of Ice Phase, he will do the same suction & kiông xã attack, lượt thích the Fire Phase.

Once again, unless his HP.. reaches 1/2, he will bởi another Lifebloom Phase


Infinity Fire và Ice Phase:

Once the trùm reached 50% HP he will continuously be in either of the two phases.

Additionally, the difficulty will go up, as he will also summon Lifebloom at the same time. You will have to pichồng it up before Asura does his suction attaông chồng, or he will absorb them.

For Fire Phase, it"s the best khổng lồ pick up flower after the Watched orb-blocker start khổng lồ vì his fire-sword kiting.

For Ice Phase, it"s during his barrage of Ice swords. Priortizing ones that are furthest from the Dragonblood Coil. If you"re slow khổng lồ return lớn your group before he shoots his ice arrows, protect yourself with your own anti-projectile and iframe skills.

If you"re lucky with the Phase shifts, you will constantly stachồng up AP-buff.

TipsThe flower gives infinite Focus for first 10 seconds. Some classes may want lớn make use of this.Abuse root in order to lớn stall hyên for extra DPS time. The preferred class is Summoner for having longest root duration.During Fire Phase, root Asura before the fourth fire sword launch, & have the tanker/cat"s taunt behind the boss.


Ken50 HM35,947,000N/A
Gen50 HM33,173,000N/A
Charged Iruga50 HM312,600,000N/A
Volcano50 HM31,920,000N/A
Glacier50 HM31,800,000N/A
Asura50 HM311,210,000N/A


Asura Loot Table

Asura Soul Shield
Asura Ring
Asura Necklace
Asura Earring
Asura Bracelet
Asura Belt
Mirage Crystal
Sovereign Cloak Design
Sentry Suit Design
Vertigo Eyepatch Design
Archer Hairpin Design
Stylish Guerilla Bandamãng cầu Design
Frozen Stinger
Sealed Naryu Tablet
Flower of Lament
Petal of Lament
Untamed Ghost Pet
Untamed Griffin Pet
Asura Ember
Alpine Weapon
Sealed Asura Weapon
Blachồng Ice
Perpetual Snow
Sogun"s Lament King Treasure
Extravagant Fragment Pouch
Stylish Fragment Pouch
Gem Hammer
Naryu Tablet
Sealed Alpine Weapon
Legendary Gem Hammer
Locked Asura Weapon Chest
Petal of Lament
Sealed Flower of Lament
Iruga Treasure
Extravagant Fragment Pouch
Stylish Fragment Pouch
Gem Hammer
Naryu Tablet
Sealed Alpine Weapon
Locked Asura Weapon Chest


Sogun"s Lament Guide

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